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I’m Robin, a Master Coach and founder of Level Seven. 

I know first-hand the difference coaching makes and I get a huge personal reward from helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

I could try to impress you with qualifications, or the books I’ve read and long lists of client achievements; but these shouldn’t be the reasons you choose any coach.

You’ll know its right when you feel that working with this person is going to be transformative.  And the only way you will really know this is after a conversation. 

The best day is always the one you’re in…

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Why Level Seven.

You may be aware of the work of psychology professor, Claire Greaves. He (yes, a man!) observed that as people reached a level of self actualisation, as proposed by his friend Abraham Maslow, they didn’t stay put but could level up to a new level of consciousness. The levelling up fuelled to some extent by dissatisfaction with the previous way of being. (Consider Bill Gates shift from creating Microsoft and a whole heap of money to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Bill Levelled up and now thinks and operates from this new level).

Level Seven is a higher level of human consciousness. This level could be defined as the 'collective I’ where people become interdependent, express themselves for what they desire but never at the expense of others and in a manner that all life, not just their own life, will profit.  It is the freedom to be as one chooses, to have the space to learn and feel many things with a holistic view of all humanity.  This level has an abundance mentality - there is enough pie for everyone.

It is Level Seven that I hope for everyone and I help people on this journey through deep 1:1 coaching and helping businesses grow.