You're a Senior leader under pressure

The market place is challenging and you know you can’t stay still. Your business environment is complex, you have competing demands for cost efficiency, security, innovation… and it’s needed faster than ever!

You need to do what you’ve always done, yet change at the same time.

Your project list grows whilst you have to encourage your functions to be customer focussed and business orientated.

You have to think about emerging technologies, AI, automation, too much or too little process, internal politics.

You need to attract and retain the best staff when all of your competitors are doing the same.

You need to juggle all of this, keep your senior team aligned, remain focussed on the finances, whilst also keeping yourself motivated.

If this sounds like your experience then you’re in the right place. 

If you’re operating at this level, you know you can’t do this on your own. You might have all the skills but you can’t be in all places at once. You know that to achieve the high standards you set yourself you need to do more than set objectives and you need a powerful, aligned team.

Coming a close second to the deep 1:1 coaching I do, the next biggest contribution I make is supporting senior teams make change happen.

With expert facilitation, I support and enhance team dynamics so the team is clear on their values, strengths and goals.  

I help teams understand their blind spots and how to overcome them. I help the team develop their strategies and tactics to achieve their desired outcomes and embed these new ways of working within the organisation and culture.

Working in this capacity, I bring my emotional intelligence training, 360 degree assessments with transformation feedback, offsite events, my wide range of NLP skills and more, to help you create something amazing.

This is not project management, but a unique service at the intersection of expert facilitation, powerful coaching, NLP and senior business experience.

I believe teams are powerful and can achieve the impossible, when they have a clear purpose that everyone understands and believes in.

If you want to create a unique contribution to the world - a unique place full of amazing people doing their best work - then I'd love to help.

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